Would you like to increase your revenue with minimal, or no cost, and very little work? We know. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, with WedEvents, it really is the truth.

WedEvents is a virtual wedding invitation and seating chart system that provides a truly unique experience for wedding couples and their guests. Our iPhone and Android apps allow guests to view information about a couples' wedding down to the last detail.

But the iPad app is where YOU come in.

The WedEvents iPad app is a seating chart system, which takes the place of traditional place cards you find at wedding and event receptions. While wedding couples can download the iPad app themselves and setup their own check-in station, most couples would rather hire someone to do it for them. We know this to be true. Since 2013 WedEvents (formerly iSIT Kiosk) has performed over 1500 rentals across the US. And that is the service you provide. You are simply offering a rental solution for your clients.

By partnering with our company you will make money by renting a check-in station to your clients. There are NO fees to pay. No monthly costs. Nothing. You are probably asking yourself, "What's the catch"? Honestly. There isn't one. Our company profits when your client sign up to use our app. We handle the backend and all you have to do is handle the rental.


All you have to do is follow these three simple steps.


This is your only expense. In order to rent a check-in station you will need an iPad and a kiosk. Feel free to purchase one on your own. However, we are an authorized reseller for the beautiful Armodilo display solutions. If you are looking into purchasing one of their systems please contact us for a discounted price.


Tell your client to go to and setup their event. Not only will your client get to create a really unique wedding app for their guests, they will also be creating an interactive seating chart from their guest list. When your client sets up their account they will create a custom event name. Once your client completes their app you will have them send you the event name to access the information.


Open the WedEvents iPad app and enter the event name your client has provided to you. This will download the data into the app. Then, on the wedding day, you will just start the app and watch the guests check-in.

Wedding App For Guests


Of course rentals will vary from region to region, however, on average, our clients rent this system between $200 - $300 for the cocktail hour. It all comes down to educating your clients to the benefit of using this system as opposed to the traditional place cards.

So here a just a few key benefits
  • The larger and non-scripted fonts makes it easier to read, especially for older guests.
  • It is proven to be faster for a guest to find their table with our system. This is due to the hard to read fonts on traditional place cards. Also, as guests start picking through the cards, they tend to be moved or placed out of alphabetical order which makes it more difficult. The WedEvents app is always sorted alphabetically so it is just as easy for the 100th guest as it is for the 1st.
  • No handwriting of place cards. Tell your client all they have to do is import their guest list into their WedEvents account.